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Ethiopia – EPRDF’s unexpected press briefing in details

EPRDF and its member parties’ leaders has made a press briefing today with a surprising decisions. One of the most amazing decisions that was announced by the party today was its decision to release political prisonsers and closure of Ma’ekelawi, a detention center. There is not a clear details on …

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Ethiopia’s Financial Center under construction

Ethiopian financial institutions has been building their Head Quarters in the last few years. Almost all financial institutions, including banks and insurance companies are building their head quarters in Ethiopia’s financial street that is around National Theater, specifically on the way from Commercial Bank of Ethiopia HQ towards Mexico street …

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Ethiopian born Saudi Billionaire still under arrest

Saudi Arabia has arrested many businessmen, prices and other government officials in anti-corruption crack before few months. The new anti-corruption crack was led by 32-year-old Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has consolidated Saudi’s power in short time. The arrest includes Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a billionaire who is share holder …

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JTV Ethiopia gets Local Broadcasting License

One of Ethiopia’s broadcasting TV stations, JTV Ethiopia, gets its local license from Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority. JTV Ethiopia is based on Las Vegas, USA, and never had local license like all other TV stations in Ethiopia that are being broadcasted from abroad. The Owner and Manager of JTV Ethiopia, Yosef …

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