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Ethiopia: 10 tips for married couples (men and women)

Here are the things you should do in your marriage for a successful happy married life “በትዳራቸው ደስተኛ ሊሆኑ የሚፈልጉ ጥንዶች ሁሉ ሊከተሏቸው የሚገቡ አስሩ የወላጆች ምርጥ ምክሮች”

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Solome Gulilat, 20 years old girl, killed in Addis Abeba

It happened last Monday, according to reports. In the area called LEBU CONDOMINUM, Solome and her friend was relaxing in a nearby by sport bar. Around the end of their stay, they went to the rest room. Her friend, who is the eye witness, when Solome was killed, said that …

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