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A girl from Bole in stage

This beautiful Ethiopian woman presented her comedy skills in Ethiopian idol some years back. It was so funny by that time. Ye Bole Lij is commonly taken in Ethiopia as someone who was grown up in better environment than others. In this show, the girl shows us how different she …

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IGAD region countries should be concerned about movements in Red Sea

Scholars and political analysts said IGAD member countries should be concerned about military activists across Red Sea. Countries of GCC, China, Iran, Europe and Turkey are setting up military stations accross Red Sea. This might influence the peace and security of IGAD nations, according to scholars and political analysts. Researches …

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Recent updates in Ethiopia by Alemneh Wasse Awaze

Alemneh Wasse Awaze Present the latest updates on Ethiopian politics and Yemen’s crisis. According to the updates, Awaze has seen the details of the statements giving by Ethiopian Somali President Abdi Mohammed and also Oromia Communication head Addisu Arega. Awaze has brought both statement in regard to the federal government’s …

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