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Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia agree on mega projects on River Dawa

Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia have agreed to construct a multipurpose dam and a hydro power station on River Dawa in Mandera County, which is aimed at harnessing and promoting sustainable use of the resource. The three countries also proposed construction of a bridge to link Kenya and Ethiopia on the …

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Urgent need of water supply in Addis Ababa

These days young and old people are seen carrying jerrycans in the streets of northern and eastern part of Addis Ababa to collect drinking water. Not only residents in Addis Ababa are suffering from acute shortage of water, but also civil servants in some of various state offices are in …

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Towards quality, traceability of Ethiopian coffee

The 3rd International Ethiopian Coffee conference was recently held in Addis Ababa. On the occasion, President Dr. Mulatu Teshome said; “Our country being the birthplace of coffee that produces the best quality endowed with suitable climate and land for large production, we should not remain trailing behind other coffee producing …

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