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Too Many Cars Spoil the Roads

Before September 2011, the total number of cars with a code two license plate in Addis Ababa, which denotes a vehicle used for personal use, was no more than 100,000. In the past three years, however, close to 48,000 cars with code two plates have joined the roads of Addis …

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Ethiopia Election 2015 – Battle Over Policies

It is election time in Ethiopia, even if valour is absent. Political parties are lumbering to make their best political dance to capture as many votes as possible, and secure dominance in the political domain. However, as election day approaches quickly, policies have become the cornerstone of the battle for …

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Meta Abo Brewery Introduces New Beer, Zemen Beer

Meta Abo Brewery S.C has launched a new beer brand, Zemen Lager Beer, at a ceremony held at Capital Hotel & Spa on December 25, 2014. With an alcohol by volume of 4.5Pct and 330ml bottle, Zemen has entered the Ethiopian beer market with 10ETB fixed price. “It is lighter …

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