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Rights group warns Ethiopia’s government against “brutal crackdown on protesters”

Anti-terror rhetoric by Ethiopia’s government could escalate into a brutal crackdown on protesters, human rights group Amnesty International has warned. A plan to expand the capital’s administrative control into the Oromia region has sparked deadly protests. The government has accused Oromo protestors of links with terrorist groups and trying to …

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Licensing and Registration Process of Investment Business in Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s new Investment Permit Application process is simple and requires only a few steps. These steps vary slightly depending on the business form under which investors plan to operate their business: Sole Proprietorship Step 1: Collect information from Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) Information and Investment Promotion Department about requirements, incentives, …

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Very Amazing – Nigerian pastor arrested for impregnating 20 women in his church claims God commanded him to have sex with them – and their daughters

A 53-year-old pastor who reportedly impregnated 20 members of congregation claims the Holy Spirit ordered him to have sex with them. Nigerian police have now arrested Timothy Ngwu for abusing the young girls and women at Vineyard Ministry of the Holy Trinity. Ngwu’s abusive behaviour was finally reported to the …

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Ethiopian Muslims Killed by Stampede reaches 53

Ethiopian Muslim Affairs Supreme Council (EMASC) disclosed yestarday that the number of Ethiopian pilgrims who died in a stampede at Mina, Saudi Arabia, has reached 53. Out of the 53 who were killed 10 went to the Haj from Saudi Arabia and the remaining 43 from Ethiopia. EMASC’s President Hajji …

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