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3 days stay-at-home strike underway in Ethiopia’s Oromia region

Several towns of Ethiopia’s Oromia region are at standstill as 3-day stay-at-home strike is underway in the region. The strike begin yesterday, 12th Feb 2018. Social media reports indicate the strike was called by the Oromo youth named Qeerroo in the region with the support of Oromo activists in USA.

Most of the streets of Oromia region was empty both yesterday and today. Many people remained indoors and both private and government offices was closed. Eye witnesses told VOA that the youth were calling for the unconditional release of all political prisoners held by the government.

State owned media, EBC, and state-affiliated media, FBC, has reported the incident.

Ethiopian social media activists, mainly from Oromia region, has been posting photos of the strike. In some areas the strike has developed into chaotic protest and some clashed with government security forces.

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