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Ethiopians reaction to recent EPRDF’s closed meeting and its Statement

EPRDF’s executive committee has released a statement, following its 18 days closed meeting, by Sunday, 31st December 2017. But Ethiopians are still discussing and reacting to the statement as the country remains in political instability.

                     The closed meeting was chaired by Hailemariam Desalegn and Demeko Mekonnen

One of the most amazing outcomes of the closed meeting is bringing Abadula Gemeda and Bereket Simon back to power and their previous jobs.

Some pro-government people are claiming that the executive committee of the EPRDF’s statement on the current political issues of the country is timely and right solution. These people claim the decision of the Party to solve the gaps in the leadership will help the government fundamentally solve the people question.

But many others are criticizing the statement that it has bring no change to previous system of the government and it can not solve the current political crisis in the country. These criticizers claim the party should make ground-breaking changes in its system. The party and the government should focus on bringing justice, give efficient service to the public and also focus on ways that brings job creation to the young.

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