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4 top websites to find scholarships for Africans

There are plenty of websites that offers details and links of scholarships opportunities to Africans. Out of them, the following 5 websites provide better information and much opportunities to Africans.


Opportunity Desk provides information about scholarships, fellowships, internships , conferences, awards and grants to everyone, but mainly to Africans.


Based in Nigeria, Opportunities For Africans (OFA) also provides information about Internships, Scholarships,  Fellowships, Jobs and Grants specifically to Africans.


scholarshubafrica.com provides wide range and organized information about scholarships to African. scholarshubafrica.com provides its well-organized information in country based search.


scholars4dev is also an updated listing of international scholarships programs which are mainly for people from developing countries, like African countries. This website focuses on development-related fields and is targeted to people who seek global and national development through further education.

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