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Ethiopia’s National Security Council bans protests across the country

The National Security Council (group of Ethiopia’s national and regional security councils) bans any protests across the country after a day-long discussion on 10the November 2017.

The meeting was held in Ethiopian Prime Minister’s offfice and chaired by Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn where the council has proposed a security plan that aimed to ensure stability.

ethiopia-bans-protests-Hailemariam Desalegn and Siraj Fergessa chair the meeting – Picture source – awrambatimes.com

The Premier emphasised the need of ensuring peace and stability in the fight against poverty. Ethiopian Minister of Defence Siraj Fergessa also said the draft security plan considered the current national situation and feedback from foreign countries. Fergessa added, “the security plan will be implemented this year will be made official in the near future.”

The council’s meeting was attended by Presidents of all regional states, leaders of Ethiopian Defence Force and police commissioners.

ethiopia-governmentPresidents of Ethiopian regions attend the meeting – Picture source – awrambatimes.com

ethiopia-bans-all-protestsLeaders of the army and police also attend the meeting – Picture source – awrambatimes.com

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