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Ethiopia’s Prime Minister vows to solve domestic conflicts

Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn vowed today that political parties and government officials as well as individuals who have involved the recent political turmoil in the country will be brought to justice beginning this week as per the decision passed by the National Security Council, he announced in a press conference held at the Prime Minister’s Office today, 09th Nov 2017.

Hailemariam said most of these officials who have participated in the political unrest in the past few months had already been detained. And e promised the arrest of these ‘illegals’ will continue in the coming week. “Officials who have connections with anti-peace and terrorist establishments and those who have been using the recent unrest in the country to advance their own agenda will be accountable to their actions,” he added.

He repeated what he told to the members of Ethiopian Parliament that some EPRDF officials with rent seeking agendas have played a major role in the recent Somali-Oromia border conflicts. He appreciated Oromia’s Regional Police for its cleanness and handling its responsibilities properly.


Hailemariam has criticised Abadulla’s announcement of resignation from House Speaker position before the party had the chance to achieve consensus on the matter.

The Prime Minister also said that his government is closely following the recent arrest of Mohammed Hussie Al Amoudi.

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