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Ethiopian Born Saudi citizen Billionaire Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi Biography

H.E. Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi was born in the north-central Ethiopian city of Dessie and brought up in Woldia, 120km Northern of Dessie, in July 21, 1946 (age 71). He was born to a Saudi father of Hadhrami Yemeni origin and an Ethiopian mother. He grew up in Ethiopia, before emigrating to Saudi Arabia with his brother Mauricet and becoming a Saudi Arabian citizen.

Al Amoudi is married to Soniat Saleh Selassie Al Amoudi, a Saudi citizen and shareholder of MIDROC Construction.  They have 8 children and mainly lives in UK and Saudi Arabia.

The source of the wealth of Al Amoudi is construction and real estate and later he branched out to buy oil refineries in Sweden and Morocco. He is the largest individual foreign investor in Ethiopia and one of major investors in Sweden.



According to Bloomberg, H.E. Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi is Founder of Midroc Group and serves as its Chairman. H.E. Al-Amoudi is owner of Preem Petroleum AB (publ) (a/k/a Preem AB (publ)) and has been its Chairman since March 2005. H.E. Al-Amoudi owns Svenska Petroleum Exploration AB and Midroc Scandinavia AB. Along with the business in Sweden, H.E. Al-Amoudi conducts business in Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Morocco and other countries. His business activities are conducted through a number of business groups, Corral Group, Midroc Europe, Midroc Ethiopia and ABV Rock Group. H.E. Al-Amoudi has been the Chairman of the Board at Svenska Petroleum Exploration AB since August 2009. He has been Chairman of Petroswede since 2008. H.E. Al-Amoudi serves as the Chairman of the Board at Preem AB. H.E. Al-Amoudi serves as the Chairman of Corral Petroleum Holdings AB. H.E. Al-Amoudi serves as a Director of Riyadh Valley Company. He has been a Member of the board of Petroswede since 1997. He served as a Director of Corral Petroleum since March 2005.

Al Amoudi is know for his philanthropic activities in Saudi Arabia, the US, Europe and Africa. Al Amoudi has supported different institutions and public figures in Ethiopia, including famous Ethiopia singers and sportsmen. He is also know for sponsoring the CECAFA Cup for two years in 2005 and 2006, supporting Ethiopian Premier League Club St. George, 100m Ethiopian birr for Mekelle stadium construction, and Woldia stadium construction. In January 2017, The Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi Stadium was opened in his birth town of Woldia that costed more than $22 million.

Only in Ethiopia, Al amoudi operates more than 77 big companies.


Video shows the childhood of Al Amoudi, where his childhood friends and colleagues speak about his childhood.

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