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Ethiopia ends state of emergency rule imposed last October

Ethiopia’s parliament has voted to lift the state of emergency imposed in October 2016 to help curb anti-government protests. An emergency session by members of parliament was called to make the decision on Friday.

Ethiopia initially introduced the state of emergency for six months  in October 2016 to handle anti-government protests.  The House of People’s Representative then voted to extend the state of emergency by four months in March 2017.

hpr-ethiopiaSecretariat of the Command Post and Minister of National Defense, Siraj Fegessa told the MPs that peace has now been restored throughout the country.

There might still be minor problems in few parts of the country but these could not be beyond the control of the local authorities, Siraj said.

During this emergency Session held on Friday, The House of People’s Representatives (HPR) has also appointed three senior government officials who were nominated by Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn.

Accordingly, the House endorsed the appointment of Kebede Chane, Dr. Tilaye Gete and Moges Balcha as Minister of Federal and Pastoralist Development Affairs, Minister of Education, Director General of Revenue and Customs Authority with the rank of Minister.

Source: EBC

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