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AU backed Dr Tedros Adhanom is the Leader the WHO Needs

Dr Tedros, 51, is former Ethiopian government official who has served as Health Minister and Foreign Minister before becoming candidate to become Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO), whose elections are due next week, May 21-31, at the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland.  Dr. Tedros has the most government experience of the three candidates. He served as Ethiopia’s foreign minister the past 4 years and was minister of health from 2005 to 2012.


Backing from Africa

Dr Tedros has the formal endorsement of the African Union summit, which should guarantee 54 votes when the 194-member nations make the choice in May 2017. The African Union has formally endorsed Dr Tedros to head the World Health Organisation, and many people feel that’s time for an African to lead the WHO. WHO member states made a gentleman agreement to give Africa a chance to lead WHO for first time 10 years ago.

David Nabarro playing it foul

The UK candidate Dr David Nabarro who barely made it to the final stage of the WHO Director General election has resorted to smear campaign against Dr Tedros Adhanom stunned the candidates with 34 votes out of the 34 countries in last January Executive Board shortlisting from six to five candidates while in the second round he secured 30 votes and made it to the final three. Nabarro’s inner circle, Lawrence O. Gostin, accused Dr Tedros for hiding cholera outbreak. The allegation for one was unfounded as many reports of the WHO itself attested that what O.Gostin described was Acute Watery Diarrhoea . Nabarro, who is rattled by the inevitable win of Dr Tedros tried to distance himself from the story denying that he did not authorise his adviser to speak on the matter. The story speaks more about the character of Nabarro than Dr Tedros. This is because, neither the advisor or were able to attest the claim with any independent report. Nabarro’s smear campaign had few desperate Ethiopians as complicit who lent themselves to the service of foreign interest.

In a rejoinder today posted on New York, former C.D.C chief Tom Frieden noted that Multiple independent evaluations have confirmed that under Dr. Tedros’s leadership, Ethiopia is one of the few countries in Africa to have rapidly reduced infant mortality and achieved the Millennium Development Goal in this area. Meanwhile, Dr Tedros campaign is in a full swing covering more than 40 countries paving the way for a final win.

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