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Ethiopia: Oromia’s Irreecha 2016 turns violent as several killed in a stampede

In connection to the annual Oromo Festivity—Irrecha— celebrated in the town of Bishoftu was reported to have turned violent and many people are feared dead due to a stamped and commotion that was created during the ceremony.

The town of Bishoftu has been very tense in the aftermath of the celebration which was discontinued by the intense protest and commotion created among the crowed.

Police is reported to have used tear gas to disperse the protest and in the process the commotion and stamped that was created among the crowed have claimed multiple lives which according to eye witnesses could be close to hundred.

Many people who were trying to get away from the tear gas used by the security forces have also lost their lives falling into ditches. According to BBC Several people have been killed in a stampede after police fired tear gas and warning shots to disperse a protest.


Protests are reported to have many slogans and have interrupted the Abba Geddas and officials from making the speech and have carried slogans saying “Enough Woyane” and “Enough OPDO”.
Furthermore, the protesters were reported to have been waving the region’s flags without the official tree symbol in the middle; and scores of couples who have come to celebrate their wedding ceremony at the Irreecha festivities were also unable to do so.

Before it turned violent, helicopters were seen flying over the festivities dispersing fliers wishing happy Irreecha celebrations.

There have been months of deadly clashes in Ethiopia’s Oromia and Amhara regions in recent months as people from both ethnic groups have complained about political and economic marginalisation.

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