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Morocco seeks to rejoin African Union after 32 years

Morocco, the only African country that is not the member of AU, has sent a special envoy to lobby African leaders to rejoin the African Union after 32 years. Morocco left the union when AU recognises Western Sahara as an independent state, which it claims part of its territory.
As it is reported by BBC, Taib Fassi Fihri met Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta in Nairobi and mentioned the will of Morocco to rejoin the AU without any preconditions.


However, the AU asserts that it will continue pushing for the rights of Western Sahara to hold a referendum on its self-determination. According to the AU’s deputy chairperson Erasmus Mwencha, Brahim Ghali, the newly elected president of Western Sahara, is expected to attend the African Union summit in Kigali, Rwanda.

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