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Ethiopia’s Minister says Grand Renaissance Dam 70% complete

Ethiopia’s government communication affairs office Minister, Getachew Reda, said that his country completed 70 percent of construction of the hydropower Renaissance Dam.


Asked about differences on the construction of the Renaissance Dam, Reda said: “Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt have agreed on the technical committees. Furthermore, we haven’t promised to stop construction work pending the completion of technical studies.”

“These committees are specialized in studying whether the dam would harm Sudan or Egypt and not whether to build or not to build the dam,” he added.

“The dam will not harm the interests of Sudan and Egypt,” Reda stressed. “The Egyptians finally understood that it is necessary to reach some kind of understanding, which compels us to work together.”

“No matter what happens, things will not change. The dam has become a reality. The people of the three countries will benefit from it,” he said.

“But if some (parties) believe that they will be harmed by it, then this is not Ethiopia’s problem,” he stressed.

He told Asharq Al-Awsat that 50 percent of construction work was finished and most civil engineering projects were complete. “When turbines are installed, 70 percent of the project will be complete.”

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