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Hope is what keeps me going in life – A woman from Desse

We got married two years ago in Desse, Wollo. Three months after we got married, he brought me to Addis Ababa in search of a better life. I started working as a waitress and he was working in Merkato. Even though we were both working, things did not turnout as we had expected them. Life became hard and we continued to struggle. One evening, after spending time with his friends, he came home late. He broke the news that he was going to go across the sea with his friends to Saudi Arabia. With tears flowing down my face, I begged him not to go. But I was unable to change his mind. The same week on Saturday morning, he packed a few things and left the house we were renting. Since then, I have been living in the same place, just on my own. It has been more than six months since he left. Even though I have no idea as to his whereabouts, or under what conditions he is living, I am hopeful that one day he will come back to me.


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