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Ermias Amelga released from jail on bail

Ermias T Amelga is released from jail on bail, as a series of appeals against his release and a third new case being opened once all these had been rejected.


According to local Ethiopian Newspaper, Fortune, He joined his family and friends yesterday, May 16, 2016 – eleven days after the Second Criminal Bench of the High Court closed the third case. Police were denied any further extension of the investigation period.

A total of 1.1 million Br in bail had already been granted by both the Arada First Instance Court and the High Court, as the prosecutor failed to charge him. But, following both of these, the police had refused to release him. In the midst of this, a new allegation was brought against him, linked to a crime committed using a car registered in his name. The allegation came to the High Court’s attention on April 29, 2016. Though the court granted the police eight days to substantiate the allegation, they failed to do so and instead requested more days.

In Ermias’ favour, the bench refused to grant the two-week extension and ordered for his release from in the Federal Police Commission (Maeklawi Prison) on May 6, 2016.

Ermias, 59, was first arrested in January 2016 in connection with his failure to resolve his failed 1.2 billion Br real estate project. He spent 127 days in prison.

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