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Ethiopian President call for More Turkish Investment

The massive Turkish investment in Ethiopia will further be expanded as President Mulatu Teshome is calling for more investment from the European country.


The President assured a 23-member Turkish investors’ delegation that Ethiopia presents them with an array of investment opportunities which they can invest in.

Dr. Mulatu yesterday received the Turkish delegation at the national palace where he encouraged them to invest in Ethiopia, promising continued government support.

In its three day stay in the country, the Turkish delegation looked into the possibility of doing business in Ethiopia and held talks on Ethiopia’s investment potentials with different government officials.

The President advised members of the delegation to revisit the country to have a clear understanding about the investment potentials and the overall image of doing business in Ethiopia.

He explained on the existence of favorable environment in fields of textile, agriculture, leather, food processing and pharmaceuticals.

Many Turkish investors have already engaged in a range of investment fields in Ethiopia, according to the President who also recalled the strong Ethio-Turkey connections in investment in particular.

Since Ethiopia is home to many investors from Turkey, they serve as hot information source for their newly arriving countrymen.

According to Turkish Ambassador to Ethiopia Faith Ulusoy, the Turkish delegation had talks on Ethiopia’s investment potentials with Ethiopian ministers of industry and trade as well as other stakeholders.

The Ambassador said the visiting team showed interest in investing in Ethiopia as they were satisfied with their stay in the country and information they received.

Ethiopia is a strategic country for investment, he claimed, adding the country is attracting many investors from across the world.

Inspired by last year’s agreements between Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the two countries are now working towards enhancing their trade exchanges.

Ethiopia takes the biggest share of Turkish investment in Africa as the country receives USD 2.5 billon of the total USD six billon Turkey is investing in the continent.

Source: ENA

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