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I am happy with my identity and love the way I was created

“Because I work as a tour guide I usually travel out of town with tourists. There was one incident where I took a trip to the countryside with tourists. Back then I had frizzy hair, and unfortunately I ran out of gel while on the trip. I didn’t even have a comb with me and I had to ask one of the foreigners if I could use his comb. He told me “your hair is kinki, you are trying to be like us but this comb won’t do for you”. He spoke to me as if I was someone who was trying to change his identity. That got me wondering and I decided to start being confident and comfortable just the way I was. From then on I just comb my hair AFRO and my nickname became AFRO. After a long time, the same guy who refused to lend me his comb came back to Addis. And funny enough, I ended up meeting him again. He was quite surprised when he saw my Afro. He loved it and asked me if he can get a hairspray to do same thing with his hair, and I had to tell him that its my natural hair and hair spray won’t do it for him. It was just a minor incident but it was an opportunity that I learnt to be comfortable in my identity, to love the way I was created.”


Picture and story from Humans of Addis Ababa Facebook Page 


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