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From Debrebirihan to Addis – looking for Education

I was born and raised in Debre Berhan, North Ethiopia. My mom died while giving birth to her second child when I was about to celebrate my fifth birthday.  My father used to tell me that he remarried to my step mother after being alone for a while.
My step mother was very good to me when I was a kid. Two years ago my father died because of kidney failure. After that everything started to change. My step mother could not manage the family alone, so she started a small grocery business. Since then, my step mother wanted me to quit school and take care of the kids.  But I had a big dream of going to school. This made it difficult for me to continue my education, and I realized that she was planning to remarry. So I left home on the last Ethiopian summer and came here to Addis Ababa, where I live by selling coffee on the streets. If I can get a good job, I wish to continue my education by next year.





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