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EU Announces €122.5 Million for Ethiopia Drought Relief

European Union has announced $122.5m in emergency assistance to Ethiopia to combat the effects of a drought brought on by the El Niño climate phenomenon.
The Embassy of Ethiopia to European Union in Brussels has released the EU’s announcement of aid to Ethiopia as follows;


Dear Sir, Madam,

The cooperation between Ethiopia and the European Union is gaining momentum. After the delegation of Socialist and Democrats Members of the European Parliament to Ethiopia last week (see our previous issue), High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission Federica Mogherini paid a working visit to Addis Ababa and met with Ethiopian Foreign Minister Dr Tedros. The two sides discussed issues of regional peace and security, migration, and the positive steps taken by the government of Ethiopia in solving internal problems. At the meeting, Ms Mogherini said “we have always said that Ethiopia’s role in Africa, particularly in the Horn of Africa, is key and that is why we needed strategic engagement with you.”

After the visit, the European Commission announced €122.5 million to help Ethiopia mitigate the drought caused by the El Niño extreme weather phenomenon.

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Best regards,

The Embassy of Ethiopia in Brussels

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