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Ethiopian House of Peoples representatives (HPR) endorses GTP-2

Ethiopian House of Peoples representatives (HPR) endorsed Second Growth and Transformation Plan  (GTP2).
Series discussions made on the plan previously, and GTP2 finally endorsed by the parliament.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn while responding to questions raised on GTP2 said, Ethiopia has learned many things from GTP1, and will solve problems that faced in GTP1 to implement GTP2.

The Prime Minister addressed those questions raised on Agriculture sector, manufacturing, corruption, urban development, current affairs and border issue with Sudan.


Due to the fact that agriculture was given due to attention in GTP1, agriculture will be given due attention in GTP2. Modern commercial farms will be expanded and the government will support farmers to produce for exports.

In GTP2 University graduates in Agriculture fields will be engaged in agricultural works to increase the productivity of agriculture.

Instead of exporting raw agricultural products, export of value added agricultural products will be given attention. Agro industry processing will also be given attention.


It will be focused on manufacturing to create job opportunities to the people.

Private investors are essential in manufacturing sector, and government will provide necessary support to these investors.


Although the fight against corruption is so complex the government in collaboration with the community will strengthen the fight against corruption.

Urban Development

In GTP2 cities and towns will be managed by uniform plans, so that cities and towns developed by plan.

To improve the living conditions of people living in cities and towns, the government will do its level best to create employment opportunities, to solve housing problems and others.

Current Affairs

While Addressing the unrest that happened in Oromia and in Amhara region, the Prime Minister said, in Oromia the Addis Ababa and Finfinne surrounding Oromia special zone integrated development plan, the questions that raised by people on the plan are acceptable and just.  The unrest is caused by ambiguities on the information about the plan.

It is the right of the people to raise any question to the government that represents them. But the question should be raised peacefully without any violence.

The government will not force the people unwillingly to accept and implement any plan.

Anti peace forces diverted the objective of the plan and used the case to fulfill their agenda.

Addis Ababa and Finfinne Surrounding Oromia Special Zone can plan independently, but the integrated development plan is believed to help both Addis Ababa and Finfinne surrounding Oromia special zone. No land will be taken from the Oromia region to implement the plan. This is because such doing is against the federal system that the country is exercising.

The government has the duty to defend the constitution of the country. The government will take necessary measure against those forces that are behind the recent violence in the country. The government has also the duty to respond to questions raised by different members of the community peacefully.

Regarding Kimant community, the identity of Kimant community is given recognition by Amhara regional state council and The House of Federation has done many activities, so that Kimant will be recognized as independent community.

 Border with Sudan

There is no land in Ethiopian territory that  was given to Sudan, and there will not be any land in Ethiopian territory that will be given to any country without consultation with Ethiopian people.

The joint military of Sudan and Ethiopia are working in collaboration to safeguard peace and stability of the two nations.

Source: EBC

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