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Ethiopia: Statue of Abune Petros to be returned next month

The Authority for Research and Conservation Cultural Heritage said statue of the martyred Archbishop, Abune Petros,  that has been at the National Museum awaiting completion of light rail transit, is to be returned to its previous location next month.
Director of the Authority, Yonas Desta, told WIC that the statue that was removed during the construction of the light rail transit is to be re-erected on its previous location with honor by taking it from where it is now stored, the National Museum.

Though the Authority scheduled to return the statue last March, delay of the construction has forced it to prolong the return to next month, he noted.

It was necessary to wait the commencement of the light rail transit service to see the effect of the train in the foundation up on which the statue is to be erected, he explained. The measured level of vibration of the basement is about 0.8 decibel and this will not have any effect on the safety of the statue, he added.

In order to protect it from possible car accident, the statue shall be erected at 13 meters distance from the road, a concrete wall shall be built to the square and a lightening prevention instrument shall be installed on it, he remarked.

The Construction is to be undertaken by Aser Construction and it expected to be accomplished as per the design and on schedule period, he underscored.

The statue to be re-erected shall have a fountain, and three-layered foundation.

The statue of Abune Petros was erected in 1941 in memory of the Archbishop of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, who was killed by Italians, for urging the people not to submit. It was moved to its temporary location on Friday, May 2, 2013.

Source: WIC

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