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Ethiopia: “Oromia stabilizes from recent violence” – EBC

The Oromia regional state has stabilized from the violence and chaos that happened during the last few weeks, Oromia regional state  disclosed.   
Communication affairs bureau head with the regional state, Fikadu Tessema, told WIC that the recent chaos and violence that occurred in Oromia is caused by the propaganda of external and internal anti- peace elements as if the land of Oromia regional state is to be given for Addis Ababa city.  Currently, the turmoil that happened in the region has calmed down.

The  Oromia  regional state has exerted efforts  to resolve  the arising  problems through  discussions  and  consultations  with the different segments  of the  Oromia  people, Fikadu noted. the regional government  and the  people of the region have agreed on the targeted issues  based on  the constitution, he added.

Anti –peace elements operating both inside and outside the country were striving to achieve their goal of destabilizing the country and toppling the constitutionally established governmental system, he noted.

Fekadu noted that about 320 high schools and universities were destabilized by the occasion and this has created an interruption on the normal teaching-learning process.

Ani-peace elements like Ginbot 7 and OLF and those others backed by the Eritrean regime have contributed their share in exacerbating the violence, he underscored.

He urged the youth and other members of the society in the region to be aware of the hidden agendas of these bodies and cooperating with the government in the effort to prevent them from creating havoc in the country.

Fekadu expressed his condolences to those who lost their lives and sustained physical damages on the occasion.

Source: EBC

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