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Opinion: Let’s raise awareness about #EthiopiaDrought to the world

By Menelik Kassaye

As of June 2015, Ethiopia has been hit by one of mother nature’s strongest weapon. This isn’t the first time the El nino affected the sub-Saharan region, the drought from 1983-1985 was a result of not only poor governance but also because of the shortage of rainfall during the rainy season. This is known as the El nino phenomenon. And it looks as if another massive famine is on the horizon. The Ethiopian rainy season stretches from June to mid September but this year for many farmers the dream of growing and harvesting they’re crops was short lived as there was little rainfall during the season. In August the number of those in need of help reached 4.55 million this number has more than doubled to a staggering number of 8 million people in immediate need of help in October.

The government failed to acknowledge this drought during the first months but it has now accepted the harsh reality that there is an ongoing drought inside the country and asked the help of the international community. But this call came a bit too late as the number of those affected has reached a devastating 15 million people this month (more than those affected by the Syrian war) and 350 000 children suffering from malnutrition. This number is expected to rise as the temperature gets hotter in Ethiopia. Up until now the media has been silent but as the numbers grow it becomes harder and harder to silence the people.

This week much like the the famine in 1984 BBC has been the first media outlet to break the story to the world. But the Ethiopian embassy in London was quick to respond to the report, “The sensational news broadcast by BBC TV, regarding children dying on a daily basis, does not reflect the current broad reality on the ground and the full preparation that has gone into overcoming the problem.”. So at this point it’s clear the government wont admit the full scale of the famine so it’s up to us the people to share the story and try to save as much lives as we can.

There is already a hashtag you can use #Ethiopiadrought to put the word out there so the food aid keeps flowing in. We are the only one’s who can stop this if you read this far it means that you care so do everything in your power to help share the message. We can’t just sit back and expect for someone to bring change let’s be the change we wanna see. We were able to raise awareness for ALS so why not do it again but this time for the famine in Ethiopia. #Ethiopiadrought

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