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Zimbabwe: Model without panties in court, charged with public indecency

A HARARE Polytechnic College student, who made headlines last week after images were leaked of her flashing her privates at adjudicators during a beauty pageant, appeared in court Monday.

Panashe Zhaware, 21, was charged with public indecency when she appeared before magistrate Blessing Murwisi.

She was remanded to October 21 for trial and released on $100 bail

Zhaware, who is represented by Harare lawyer Musindo Hungwe was not asked to plead when she appeared in court.

Prosecutor Patience Chimusaru told the court that Harare Polytechnic College held a modelling show in July this year.

Zhaware contested the pageant which was for the Miss Harare Polytechnic crown.

According to the prosecutor, nothing was reported amiss when other models went on stage.

However, when Zhaware’s turn came, she went on stage without her panties.
The prosecutor said the model held her dress and stretched it wide open exposing her genitals to everyone in the room.

Photos of the model exposing herself were leaked to a Harare tabloid, leading to investigations by the police.

Zhaware was subsequently arrested.

Source: http://www.newzimbabwe.com/news-25388-Knicker-less+Hre+Poly+model+in+court/news.aspx
ፓንት ሳታደርግ የሞዴል ትርኢት ያቀረበች ተማሪ ጉዳይ በፍርድ ቤት መታየት ጀመረ /Zimbwean Student/ Model, Panashe Zhawari In Court For Modelling Without Underwear

የ21 ዓመቷ ፓናሼ ዛዋሬ የሀራሬ ፖሊ ቴክኒክ ኮሌጅ ተማሪ ናት፡፡ በሐምሌ ወር በተደረገ የሞዴል ትርዒት ሚስ ሀራሬ ፖሊ ቴክኒክ አክሊል ደፍታለች፡፡

ተማሪ ፓናሼ ዛዋሬ የአሸናፊነት አክሊል ብትዳፋም የኋላ ኋላ ፍርድ ቆማለች፡፡ የውስጥ ሱሪ (ሙታንታ – ግለገል ሱሪ) ሳታደርግ በመድረክ ላይ ስትውረገረግ የነበረው ትዕይንት ጋዜጦች አውጥተውታል፡፡

ፍርድ ቤቱ ‹‹የህዝብን መብት ተጋፍተሸል›› የሚል ክስ አቅርቦባታል፡፡ ኦክቶበር 21 ዳግም ፍርድ ቤት ትቀርባለች፡፡ የትምህርት ቤቱ አስተዳደር እና ዘጠኝ ሞዴል ተማሪዎች ለጥያቄ ቀርበዋል፡፡

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