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Ethiopia to form government today

05 October 2015 – HahuDaily

The House of Peoples’ Representative (HPR) and the House of Federation (HoF) will hold their first year fifth session and founding conference today, October 05, 2015.

The houses have made a meeting announcement through media for their new members for the conference.

President Mulatu Teshome is expected to make an opening remark at the conference.

His speech is expected to assess the 2008EC focus areas of the new government to be formed today.

The House of Peoples’ Representative (HPR) and the House of Federation (HoF) will elect their Speakers.

The two houses will elect a Prime Minister who will serve a five-year term.

The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) is expected to nominate candidate for premiership as it obtained enough seats in the fifth general elections that allows it to form a government.

The newly elected Prime Minister will present a list of new cabinet members to the houses for approval.


According to Fortune’s Gossip Sufian Ahmed, the longest serving minister of Finance & Economic Development (MoFED) will retire to assume a role of special adviser on monetary and treasury matters, overseeing the affairs of Teklewold Atnafu at the central bank; the latter has this special ability of surviving all the odds, gossip claims. His deputy, Ahmed Shedie, State Minister for MoFED, will be elevated to the position of a minister.


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