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IMF Managing Director Ms. Christine Lagarde to Visit Ethiopia this week


International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Managing Director, Ms. Christine Lagarde, is set to visit Ethiopia on Thursday, December 14, 2017. It will mark the first visit by the head of the organisation to this Horn of Africa nation in IMF’s 72-year history. According to state affiliated FBC, Lagarde is scheduled to meet Ethiopian …

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BGI Ethiopia bids to fully acquire Raya Brewery


All shareholders of Raya Brewery positively welcomed the full acquisition from BGI Brewery Ethiopia with an amount they could only gain in 53 years as a return if they decide to hold their shares in the Company, Fortune reported today. Shareholders of Raya Brewery gathered in Mekelle’s Axum Hotel and approved and …

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Ethiopians react to a picture of Teddy Afro kissing his wife in public


Ethiopia’s pop music star Tewodros Kassahun aka Teddy Afro posted a photo album of his daughter’s birthday celebration in his official Facebook page. But one picture that shows the singer kissing his wife while hugging their birthday daughter catch the attention of Ethiopian social media users. Picture source – In …

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